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Ravindra Mailapur
Dr. Mailapur has been awsome to work with during this process. I decided in May of 2006 that I wanted to pursue having the Roux en Y surgery and attended Dr. Mailapur's seminar for more information. From the first time I shook his hand I knew he would be my surgeon of choice. He has been very thorough in explaining every detail of the surgery, and in answering every question my wife and I had. His care has been nothing short of perfect and I would do it all again today. I am just over 2 weeks post-op as of this writing and could not feel better about my decision...not only to have the surgery, but to have chosen such a wonderful surgeon. Thank you Dr. Mailapur for giving me my life back. I will be forever grateful.
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My WLS experience

My six-month check-up

posted 8/14/07 11:03 am
I had my six month check up today with Dr. Mailapur.  My labs all came back B-12 was on the low side of normal, so that's something I will have to watch, but everything else was fine.  I have officially lost 120 pounds in six months...looks like my scales at home are not as accurate as they need to be.

I had a suit that I have kept in my closet for the past 11 years altered so I could wear it to a work function.  It's a nice Hart Shafner and Marx classic and was the suit I wore the night I got married after the reception.  It had to be cut down quite a bit, and I had asked the tailor to measure it a little snug to allow for more weight loss.  He did, but it's still a little big on me.  I have gone from a size 20/37 in dress shirt to a 17/35.  I haven't been this small since my junior year in college.  What a great feeling.  

I am, according to my surgeon, still 69 pounds away from goal and he has said he wants me at goal weight at my one year check-up on Feb 14 2008.  I can't imagine myself at that weight, 172, but that's the weight I will be shooting for.  I really feel that at 200 pounds, I will be feeling the best...we'll see.  

I will have some photos tomorrow in my "new" suit...stay tuned.

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