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subacloud's Blog
subacloud's Blog

Upside Down, Inside out

posted 6/17/11 2:14 pm
Isn't it weird how weight loss is all backwards?  A broken stall is a good thing.  Weight loss is desired.  Smaller is the goal.  Broken, loss, smaller... good things.  Gaining is awful.  Bigger is bad, not better.  Going up is horrible.  Moving down is fantastic.   No wonder it's hard to wrap our minds around the idea of weight loss.

I finally broke my stall, Praise Jesus!  :-D

I'd like to blame my approach to onederland for my stall.  I'd like to blame my body for compensating and readjusting to my weight loss, but I think that might be untrue.  Okay, it's more than thinking, I know it was my emotional eating.  It was me, not my body, sabotaging weight loss.  Last month was a tough adjustment time for me.  I ate too many carbs.  I gained weight.  It wasn't significant, but it happened. 

However, back on the wagon again, and I broke my stall... Yay!

I am five pounds away from losing 200 pounds since the beginning of my journey.  100 pounds came off this past year.  Amazing, it was exactly 100 pounds from pre-surgery weight to surgerversary.  I like symmetry, but I didn't expect that.  I had lost almost 100 pound from my highest weight to pre-surgery.  The really startling fact remains that I have a ways to go yet.  But, I began this journey with a BMI of 70.  I'm almost half that now.  I am almost half the person I once was.  Enough numbers, though.

Who I am today is the person I want to be.  Weight and body image are only a part of that equation.  I am not the person I hope to become, but my feet are squarely on that path to become fully me, my best self.  What a blessing.  The cherry on top?  That would be the broken stall. 

Blessings to everyone who reads my post.   I appreciate all of you so much.  This past month, the support I've gotten on OH has carried me through some really tough moments.  You inspire me to be my best self.  :0)

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