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My Story

My story...Where to start I have always been a BIG kid..I am 5'10 inches and was always bigger then the other kids, height and wight.  I've never been too put off by my weight until recently.  I have always been fairly healthy even at my size.  Currently I weigh in at 407....that is unacceptable for me...yet I can't stop eating. I carry my weight well, but lately its been ever so visible and its making me angry.  My weight jumped drastically in the last year, I had foot surgery and stopped walking everywhere so instead of my weight staying where it was it just kept climbing. Walking hurt, biking was out of the question due to the surgery it took me a whole year to walk without a limp...causing severe back pain. So less movement equaled more i found myself on this paticular journey....
I met a girl who had the Gastric Sleeve and I have been able to see her progress and ask her questions, well when I met her  I didn't have insurance so it wasn't something I even thought was possible for me but I saw how much she changed and I longed for that feeling. In October I got my insurance back...I noticed in what it covers and doesnt included bariatric surgery in what it covered, I think I have a $15 co-pay.  I scheduled my doctors appointment, mostly just because it had been too long since I had been and I wanted to meet my new docter and see where she was at on surgery and what information she could provide me with....I LOVE my new doctor.  She was so nice and didnt make me feel bad about my weight, when I told her I suffer from severe heartburn she didnt immediately jump to the default "lose wight and your problem will go away" she prescribed me something and told me she will have me checked for an ulcer...awesome right? well she brought up sugery first...asked if I thought about it, I told her yes but I heard you have to jump through hoops and its not easy to get approved, and she proceeded to tell me that I already have my medical history documented and my BMI aprox 58 qualifies me and she asked if I wanted to go to the overview  class. I told her yes.

I went to the Weight Loss  Surgery Overview class on 11/29 and it took me three days to email my doctor for a referral.  My insurance is through Kaiser and the surgery only focused on the lap band...i dont want, and the Gastric Bypass...I really don't want. I want the Gastric Sleeve.  I came to the resovle of I will go to the 5 hour orientation and see if the Sleeve is a possibility...if it is not I will not be having the surgery, but I searched through a lot of forums and read what a lot of people had  to say about Kaiser Richmond Ca and it seemed like many had  the sleeve so it may be an option for me...I sure hope so.  I want to start the next chapter of my life as a skinny woman! 

I know there are a few things I have to do like the cancer screenings...let me tell ya I dont want to do that...I have already had a sleep test so i hope i don't have to do that it was the worst night of my life...results were good in that i didnt have sleep apnea atleast not enough to warrant any kind of alarm...

So the the start of my journey and why I am here.....

A little about me, I am 27 years old. I work full time as an Office Specialist for the county. I am a full time student, I have my associate degree...I'm working on getting a Bachelors degree now in Criminal Justice, I have two kids...though I did not give birth to them.  My sister has not been able to care for herself let alone her children so I am doing it in addition to financially supporting my mother.  I have two dogs, one is a 3 month old puppy, and he is a handful  as soon as I get him through all his shots  Ihope to be taking him out on walks with me. Other than that thats pretty much my life in a nutshell