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Surgeon Testimonial

Robert Marema
I hope to meet him soon.

Today I went to the informational meeting.
He is a nice and funny guy.
He is all what I have read about him on this Group, I feel I will be on good hands.
Latest Surgery Support Comments

  • Comment by kylakae 4/12/02 6:04 am
    Happy re-Birthday, Teresa! Its been two years since your WLS. Congratulations on your awesome weight loss! I hope this anniversary finds you feeling happy and healthy. Please stop by and update your profile so we'll know how you are doing two years post-op!
  • Comment by Barbara S. 4/11/00 5:18 am
    Teresa, best of luck tommrow and lots of prayers with you. I am using Dr. Marema also, but I haven't gotten my insurance approval yet. I will be praying for you and watching for future post to see how great you will be doing.
  • Comment by C S. 4/7/00 3:54 am
    Hi Teresa, just wanted to send you best wishes on your upcoming surgery. The 12th will be the start of your new life. Also good luck for a speedy recovery.
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teresara's Blog
teresara's Blog

Struggling to keep it off

posted 2/25/09 9:52 am
Yesterday i was 137 pounds today im 145 but just because i had breast enlargement it means its about 4 pounds each breast huh?

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