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become a smaller person,step by step.
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Surgeon Testimonial

Luis Garcia, M.D.
First impressions are lasting ones. He had a small dry humor about him.I knew months before that he was who I wanted after reading his profile online from our Gastric bypass web site. His office staff have been nice,smile alot and offer lots of information and keep you posted on developments. Others that are meeting him for the first time some may think he is to laid back. Give him the chance,all around nice guy. He was VERY up front about the risks of surgery and the risks of not having surgery. He cuts right to the chase. I think he is a nice doctor and like I said has that dry humor and good bed side manner about him. After meeting with him over the past two years and trusting him for 3 (yes, not a typo) surgeries, I can say that I totally trust my life to his hands.
Member Interests
  • Animals - Like to visit zoo's in different states.
  • Birds - I have 2cockateils (Tiki and Tilly)
  • Dogs - I have a pom (Teddy Bear).
  • Theater - Love going to High school plays
  • Cars - I have a Nissan Rogue
  • Running & Jogging - I like to walk and put in a mixture of jog/run, but not all one thing.
  • Grandchildren - They are very important to me.
  • Horses - Have rode horses most of my life until back surgery
  • House Boats - This would be cool to live on for one month in the summer.

Latest Surgery Support Comments

  • Comment by dolfinluvr77 8/11/08 5:10 am
    Good luck tomorrow!!!!! You will do great, and MeritCare rocks the patient care. Just don't be afraid to ask for whatever you need and push that pain pump every 5min if you have to. PM me when you get home! Before you know it you will be 1-week post op!
  • Comment by Erika S. 8/11/08 3:48 am
    Sending prayers and thoughts your way for a safe, uneventful surgery.
  • Comment by kymberleew 8/11/08 1:17 am
    Good Luck tomorrow. I will keep you in my thoughts! :)
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tinkerbell025's Blog
tinkerbell025's Blog

Final Measurements ( Maybe?)

posted 10/24/09 11:25 pm
Have not posted any new stats in about 4 months. Things have slowed down, as they should. I am now trying to maintain my weight and body form. Here are my newest stats:

(   )=
starting size

Neck= (16.5) 12.5

Upper L Arm= (17) 11
Upper R Arm= (18) 11

L Wrist= (6.5) 5.75
R Wrist= (6.5) 5.75

Upper chest= (47) 31.5
Breast Area=
(44) 32

Waist= (46) 28
(54.5) 36

L Thigh= (27) 18.5
R Thigh=
(27) 18.5

L Calve= (17) 14.5
R Calve= (17) 14.5

L Ankle=
(9.5) 8.5
R Ankle=
(9.5) 8.5

Total inches lost head to toe= 121 inches.

Pants= (22W) 5
Shirt= (2X) XS/SP 4-6
(10) 7
Shoes= (8/8.5) 7.5
(8) 5

Total sizes lost= 27 sizes

Total weight lost=
                      Starting weight 257
                       Current weight 126
                Down 131 pounds in 13 months. (should be done).
I have passed my Doctors goal by 24 pounds. I have 1 pounds to go to reach my personal goal.

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