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James Harris, M.D.
Gotta tell you that Dr. Harris is the best! I have been with him since 2008 and he has been wonderful. My first impression of him being impersonal was totally wrong. He is very warm and sincere doctor that wants to help.

I have had issues with my lapband and we are meeting on Nov 4th to decide what course of action to take now. Looking forward to this imput.
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VeraWalker's Blog
VeraWalker's Blog

Thursday, September 18, 2008

posted 9/18/08 4:42 am
Well, time sure is flying!  I seem to be at a stall!  Weight is boucing about 3 lbs..... up, down, up, down.  Can't seem to break through the 279 mark!  Hmmmm........ Scheduled for a fill (I hope) on October 14th.  Maybe that will make a difference. I sure hope so.  I can eat or drink most anything, just not a lot at one time, but I do feel hungry sooner than before.  I think it is going through to fast so the fill should help! 

Just hanging in there  until the fill.

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