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continue to be supportive to others with the band
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Lose 100 pounds by my 26th birthday
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Reach my goal weight
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be able to wrap a towel around my entire body!
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To really wear a "little" black dress
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Surgeon Testimonial

Richard Boorse, M.D.
Very nice, all the way through. I see him on Tuesday for the first time since surgery last Wednesday. My surgery went very well. The hospital he works through has a very structured pre and post care program. His office staff is great. I have my first fill coming in April. The only issue I've had is that once a nurse from the office did not call me back, but fortunately it was not a dire emergency. I am not sure if she didn't get the message to call me or what but I was slightly disappointed.
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  • Comment by kelly1_617 3/13/08 7:01 am
    Congrats on your band! I am 2 months out this week. I am happy I chose this surgery and am doing well. Best of luck to you in your journey.
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vorpalswrd's Blog
vorpalswrd's Blog

Recipe - Ham Salad

posted 4/13/08 2:43 pm

Great for mushy and soft stage


4 oz ham steak or just 1/4 pound of ham off the bone, etc
1 Tblsp Sweet Pickle Relish (Mt. Olive)
2 Tblsp Miracle Whip Free
2 Tblsp of Reduced Fat Mayo (Hellmann's)

Food processor it all up to desired consistancy
Excellent on crackers or just on a spoon.

Makes 4 oz.

One Serving: One Ounce =
35 Calories
1.2g Fat
1.8g Protein
3.5g Carbs

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