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Kyle Ver Steeg, M.D.
He has an excellent track record and was highly recommended by my PCP.
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  • Comment by dreamz 10/15/07 2:53 pm
    Hi Wags...just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts...and that i am sending you my Prayers and all the Blessings you need for a speedy and uneventful recovery...Godspeed, Dreamz
  • Comment by Carol W. 10/14/07 3:59 am
    Paul, you're almost there! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. ~Carol
  • Comment by Missy_niner 10/14/07 3:25 am
    Sending you lots of prayers to you on your surgery tomorrow. Best of luck. Missy
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Wags459's Blog
Wags459's Blog

Almost there

posted 5/6/08 7:33 pm

So today is weekly weigh in day.  This past week I ate quite a bit more than usual.  I was very active but structured exercise was at a bare minimum.  So while on my way to the Dr office where I weigh myself I was dreading the outcome.  Over the past few weeks I have enjoyed a steady 2 to 3 pound loss per week.  Imagine my shock to see 6lbs gone.  Thats right.  I lost 6 pounds in 7 days.  Now in the beginning of this process for me it was not uncommon to lose that amount in a week.  At one point it would have been disappointing to only lose 6lbs.  However I am less than 20lbs to goal.  This is suposed to be the pounds that you have to work to lose.  So as of this morning I am officially 14lbs from my goal.

To date    
Down 12 pants sizes
From a 5XL shirt to just XL
From 381lbs to 234 lbs
All this in just over 6 months.

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