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Hello All. (: I am a 21 year old CNA and I love my job.  I want to become a pediatric or neonatal nurse.  I need to lose this weight so I can be the best that I can be and I want to fall in love with my life again! Hit me up if you have any tips, tricks or advice. (:    
whittneynicole's Blog
whittneynicole's Blog

Day One of Who Knows?
April 10, 2012 10:55 am
 I just finished reading "Designated Fat Girl".  It's a great book by a journalist who struggled with her weight her whole life.  It follows her from beginning clear up to after her gastric bypass.  Anyway, I guess I have that book to thank for getting the ball rolling. I called a few days ago to make an appointment to get more information on weight loss surgery. I got the info packet today.  I'm going the 27th.

I'm scared that I have to be obsessed with my weight the rest of my life. I'm sad about the food I have to give up...and it freaks me out beyond belief that I'm sad about food. What the hell? I'm afraid of the stigma that goes along with weight loss surgery.  My own boyfriend carries that stigma around. He won't say it.  He'll be as supportive as he knows how to be but he doesn't get it.  I feel alone.  Which is why, when I stumbled upon this website a few days ago when I was researching WLS, I came back.  I can't feel alone for this.  It won't work if I'm alone.

I can be obsessed (I'm already obsessed anyway). I can give up all the food in the world.  I can handle the weirdo emotional stuff.  The stigma is whatever.  But I absolutely positively can not do it by myself.  Which is why I am spilling my guts to the internet. 

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