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T. Paul Singh, M.D.
I thought he was so mean at first. He tried to talk me out of the surgery the whole time and made me feel stupid. That shows hes doing his job right!! I mean what surgeon tries to talk you OUT of the surgery?? He made me cry.. I thought he was going to say no I dont need it...or he wouldnt perform on me... but he didnt and after me being adamant and saying I would still like to get this done.. He gave me a date.. Just like everyone says here HE DOES NOT HOLD YOUR HAND!! he tries to talk you out of the surgery... His phone rang about 3x but he never answered... He told me to ask all the questions I wanted.. I dont like his personality but I know he does his job right and is a very busy man.. I got my date and im ready for this!!
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  • Comment by Michael S. 8/20/09 12:05 pm
    Congratulations on your Weight Loss Surgery! I hope all went smoothly! May you have a speedy and uneventful recovery! Iíll move down and make a spot for you on the loserís bench!
  • Comment by Kimberlin Katayama 8/19/09 2:25 pm
    Hey Chickie! I moved over on the losers bench for you! Update us as soon as you can! Im so happy for you! Your gonna do great! Let me know if I can be of any help! This time next year you will be rockin' them skinny jeans, I'll have to take a trip down south so we can flaunt our stuff in NYC! LOL!!! Take care girlie! your in my prayers!
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XcLuSiVePuErToRiCaNMaMi's Blog
XcLuSiVePuErToRiCaNMaMi's Blog


posted 8/26/09 8:57 am
So I am officially one week out from surgery and im supposed to be on a 2 week liquid diet. (protein shakes, broths, water, sf ice pops) come the fuck on. seriously I had pudding yesterday and yes I ate the whole damn individual serving slowly but surely and man was that delish.... but thats not the bad part... Yasenias father ordered chinese with my fav lo-mein... I def ate it (i did not swallow it) I chewed it up into mush and spit it all out) I also ate almost a whole pint of egg drop soup which im going to consider part of my liquid diet.. and man that was the best thing since sliced bread. Pouchie liked it until I wouldnt stop with the soup and had to have it taken away so now im stuffed.... I also had a couple bites of edys sugar free coffee ice cream.... So yes iv def cheated I had 1 protein shake today... Im dissapointed but what can i say?? Next week I cant wait to officially be able to have eggs and pureed foods im starting to write down what id like to experiment with. As far as the pain my stomach likes to rumble here and there and when I drink to fast which I know i do i get a bit of a hollow feeling strange i know. Im having a hard time coming up with creative shakes.. Im also not a fan of the calcium crystals (unflavored) its like everytime I add that to something it sweetens it to the 10th power. Gotta work on that. I havent weighed myself at all and I dont intend to. Im not going to be in front of the scale 40x a day crying over a pound. I think I over did it yesterday I took yasenia to the mechanic, post office, bank and wal-mart on my own everything was fine tiring but fine when it came to put her in the carseat for the last time... she dropped her cup and i strained to bend down and grab itandthen SCREECHING PAIN! I main like my muscles were just ripping. An extreme burning sensation. I over did it.. I drove home crying in pain.. and im still recouperating today from it. I had a C-section a couple of years ago so I was familiar with this pain but man it hurts! Maybe thats why iv been so bad. But tomorrows another day and I meet with the surgeon tomorrow so I will discuss all of this with him. Sorry for not updating in a while iv just been laying down chillaxen :) at least trying to oooo I forgot Yasenia had a little get together on Monday.† She had a lot of presents and it was just us. She tore up her cake I actually didnt want any too now theres a moment there. Weve made it through another year shes 2 now! Till next time folks!

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