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At how many months did your weightloss plateau officially? As in you never really lost more weight and you either began maintaining or actually started the dreaded regain. How close to goal were you?

I am so curious what everyone's experience

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If so what were the reasons? I was told this may be the case do to a C section however I can't help but feel it might be due to my lower BMI. I want the RNY for a few reasons. I feel like C sections are so common and if it actually was a reason I wou

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I am nearing the end of my wait. Surgery is less than 5 weeks away. I qualified at 40.8 BMI and with some hard work lost 10 pounds. Then I lost another 5. I felt very frustrated because I just wanted to eat healthy and loose weight and despite the

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This question is for anyone but I am wondering in particular about those through TWH. How much time were you given off? What type of work do you do? Was it negotiable? When did you receive your note?

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Hi all,

Has anyone been told the length of intestines that will be bypassed? I have read elsewhere that if I person is BMI 50+ they will bypass 50% of intestines for more malabsorption. For people with 40 BMI is is more like 20%.


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I know the more notice the better in most cases, however I find myself a little hesitant. Perhaps it is because I found when I announced pregnancies, the scope of projects I received changed.

So how much notice did you give and why?

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Looks like TWH had mercy on me and I am now scheduled for May 30th! This makes it 15 months from referral and 11.5 months from orientation. I am thrilled! This seems fair and a little bit closer to the norm on the board! 75 days and counting :-). T

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i have been scheduled for a Clinic Visit about 3 weeks before my surgery. It says plan for 2-3 hours. The surgeon just said that if they have missed anything that could be harm to me they will catch it at this appointment.

What is this visi

Kathy S. wrote 11 months, 2 weeks ago
Congratulations on your recent surgery. How are you doing!

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I am oozing negativity and anger right now, so you may just want to skip this.

I had my meet the surgeon apt today and it started off with them forgetting me totally. I was assured to keep waiting and that I would be called, however I was actu

TDown wrote 12 months ago
Welcome to the group. I just want to let you know, having this surgery just 7.5 months ago, was the single most important decision I ever made. My health is amazing. If you ever have questions please ask. Good luck and healthy trails.

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Considering they are prescribed and for medical reasons, can we submit to insurance?  I don't mind paying of course, but why leave money in my ensures hands ?!? :-)  Also, what is a ballpark that I can expect to pay for 2-3 weeks worth?

Kathy S. wrote 1 year ago
Welcome to OH. Congratulations on your upcoming surgery. Once you feel better let us know how things are going.

100Buttons posted a discussion topic 1 year ago

 Has anyone in Ontario had VGS or RNY with a single incision?  If so, who was your surgeon?

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