Day 5 BOT

Aug 11, 2017

Had coffee andn protein powder and water - just now considering lunch.  Feel good abot my first week, I will officially weigh to tomorrow but going to guess I will loose a significant amt this first week.  But I know it is water weight.  Becasue of the low carbs, etc.

I will be happy, proud, etc. and have anxiety....can I keep doing this? Cana I get it back down to 1200 cal like the NUT says i should do...or 900 (!) This many years out that feels like soooo little. And yet. I cant say i am hungery per se physically becasue I have had a lot of protein and whole veggies. Its my my mind.  And wanting to feel good with crunchy things. Or distract myself.

So doing the basics of going hout by hour and making healthy choices and not (trying not) to freak out over my future progress.


Blogging daily is DEFINITELY helping. (And getting comments from my fellow WLS warrior :)


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