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For the first year in a very long time, loosing weight is not something that’s on my list. Can I get an “Amen”?!?! That has been replaced with continuing on my journey to happiness and once I reach my goal weight - maintaining it!!

I am

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I am currently 5.5 months out of VSG surgery. I went from 251 to 171 as of today. Size 22 to a 12/14. My goal was to get to 160#, size 10/12. I am loosing about 8-11# per month. When will it slow? I am sooooo looking forward to a tummy tuck but I

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its been a few days since I posted. Here's my update.

ER trip #2 was a week ago Thursday I think. That doctor diagnosed me with something totally different than ER doc #1 did. ER trip #3 was on this past Saturday. He spoke directly to the radi

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See my previous post to see what I'm currently suffering with!!

After going back to the ER last night for the 2nd time in less than a week, I found out the results for my upper GI test today. I have food stuck in my tummy

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I had surgery on July 5. All was good for 3 weeks. I did struggle with protein intake just because chocolate is the only flavor shake I really like.

Well, last Tuesday, I started feeling really sick. I started dry heaving really bad. Nothing w

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My NUT has recommended Unjury powder protein. I loved the chocolate splendor the first week after surgery (July 5) but now, it's all I can do to choke it down. I really liked the Premier shakes before surgery and have drank a couple since but now I can

A.better.me posted a discussion topic 1 year ago

i had surgery on July 5. I'm still on liquids until the 20th. I'm SICK of chocolate protein shakes. I've got unflavored but I've heard I need something with a strong taste to mask the taste of it.

Suggestions are are greatly appreci

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