Gave in to the pain

Jun 18, 2017

Oh man oh man oh man.... this pancreas pain has been tormenting me badly since last week.  My 3 yr old had a birthday invite today so i took her earlier today. 1 hour into it I had the shakes severe abdominal pain so i let her bounce on the trampoline and in the castle as i tried to hydrate myself.

I swear drinking just made it worse. I turned to a freezie as maybe my sugars were too low.  I then realized this is not going to work i need pain meds but i wouldn't take them and then drive with her as they make me feel high as I'm not eating.

Got home took 1 percocet and then sat on the couch in half a daze. 3 hrs later I'm still sitting here high as high from 1 percocet.  Its amazing how your body absorbs things differently after surgery.

I hate that i gave in and took meds but i so needed it.  I am honestly afraid of becoming addicted to pain meds.....


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