10 weeks post op

Jul 14, 2017

So what's new?

I am 33 pounds down at 10 weeks post op.  I still have severe GERD and abdominal pain.  I was in the hospital twice last week.

Today I went and did the barium swallow first they gave me some white mini fizzy stuff that look like pixie stick candy.  This stuff was to expand my stomach. It caused a lot of gas and they said not to burp. The barium tasted like chalk with  a little Stevia in it. They wanted me to take big sips and i literally was gagging and then throwing it up.  The doctor who was viewing the test kept yelling just swallow just swallow as i was gagging.

The technician was really sweet and understanding explained what she required. At one point I was just constantly heaving i threw up in the barium liquid and the doctor was like just drink it.... i was like hell no you must be mad.

The technician asked if i needed a fresh cup i tried not to roll my eyes and said yes.  Then she appeared with a marshmallow.  She's said swallow it.  I seriously thought she was crazy. If i can barely get thick liquids down how am i going to get this marshmallow down. 4 mins later after heaving gagging and nearly choking. The marshmallow went down with the barium liquid.  It was painful and uncomfortable but i survived the ordeal.

Then i had to go do xrays in a different room as the room i was in bed had a weight limit of 297lb. I was so embarrassed as i was too heavy to stand on the edge of the machine. 

So that being said I had to do about 10 xrays of my abdomin.  Then as i finish the technician says the barium may cause constipation.  Ummm really i can't imagine being more constipated than i am now.


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