Sep 17, 2017

So surgery was 9/13/17 due to nausea and vomiting i was released 9/16/17.

I've been home alone struggling to get my protein in as this nausea is horrible.  But I'm happy to report i barely feel the GERD. I forgot what normal felt like. 

I didn't sleep well lastnight. I rolled from my side to my belly which jolted me out of bed like a bad nightmare. 

My strategy tonight is to wedge myself so that i can't roll.

My uvula was injured by the throat tube so i can barely swallow or speak which is hilarious as i just make mumbling noises to get my point across with as little words as possible. My oldest daughter is getting away with murder as she calls and askes me for stuff and interprets everything as yes.  

But i survived surgery #2 and I'm so happy for all my online support.  Every minute is a challenge but i know i will succeed and be successful. 


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