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Today is day 1 of 21. I had vanilla with cinnamon this morning, it wasn't great and I only got about 3/4 in.

For lunch I'll add ice and mix the two flavours. Everyone tells me to try adding coffee but I hate the taste so I'm trying to invent so

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I had met the surgeon yoday to get the go-ahead for surgery and to purchase my Optifast.

And of course to get my surgery date... October 11. AHHH! 😳😮😁

I was a little freaked but the shock is wearing off and excitement is creepi

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I just met with the bariatric internist. In my program, he is the one who recommends clearance for surgery to the surgeon.

I passed, and he confirmed that VSG is my best option because of medications I take/may need in future.

I have a

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I did a search but the responses I got were a bit old. Ladies (and husbands), what did your surgeon say about the birth control pill post-op? Will it absorb?

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I had my trio appointments Monday last week and was cleared, but no one said anything about my surgery date.

I see Dr. Glazer in August.

Do I call the surgeon myself, to book a date? Do I also have to book my PATTs?

My surgeon i

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Newbie question: What are some of the reasons why the doctor might order a pre-op endoscopy or colonoscopy?

Who would typically order it, the surgeon or internist?

As far as I know, I have no issues with ulcers, GERD, IBS, etc.

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On Monday I meet with the dietician, nurse and social worker. I am so nervous!

It has been a very long wait (10 months) and I'm so scared they won't think I'm ready for surgery. I have been through a lot this year.

I've lost just 9 lbs

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Last week I was brought in to hospital with a pulmonary embolism (blood clots in lungs).

Now that the scary part is dealt with, I am worried about my bariatric candidacy.

I just met the surgeon a week and a half ago.

Will they

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I met with Dr. Klein at Humber River today and am beyond excited to say that I am now a patient of their bariatric program!

He was lovely, very personable, listened to my concerns. We haven't yet decided whether a VSG or RNY is the best procedu

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After a 7.5 month wait I will finally be meeting with a surgeon at Humber River in two weeks. I'm beyond excited, but also worried because I haven't lost any weight in those 7.5 months.

I feel like a failure from the get-go. I fell into the foo

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I am seven months into my wait for my first appointment at Humber.

I have multiple sclerosis, and am about to start a new treatment to stave off further progression of the disease. The treatment is a daily pill, and I have been going crazy try

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This is my first-ever post on Obesityhelp, wooh!

I attended orientation at Humber River on August 19 and was told I could expect my first appointment - with a dietician, I believe - to take place in about 2 months.

I call

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