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This is an important topic for a lot of WLS’ers.

  1. Do people treat you differently since losing a significant amount of weight?
  2. Do you believe it’s because of fat stigma or because you are different as a person?
  3. How

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Hi guys,

I just got back from a week in Montreal, where I went wayyy off track. Ice cream, bagels, POUTINE. This is my first time doing so for more than one day, and I’ve gained two pounds. My first gain since surgery, ugh.

Since I go

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Hello! It has been a while since I have posted but I still read these forums almost every day. I am still tracking and measuring, sipping and getting my protein out.

I am now 5 months out and I have lost 95 lbs in total, 67 since su

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I’m down 80+ pounds now and for the last 1-2 months I have noticed significant changes to my breasts. It’s extremely uncomfortable and kind of freaking me out.

Firstly I want to clarify that there is no way I am pregnant. This is certain. I

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I just gained a whole new wardrobe - I’ve discovered that I fit into most of my husband’s clothes (men’s medium)!

I immediately raided his closet and tried everything on. Poor guy, mwahaha.

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This week I hit three months post-op, and was thrilled to learn that I have reached the halfway point to my long-term goal.

I started at 305 lbs last April, when I first met the surgeon. I lost about 15 lbs on my own before starting a three-wee

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OMG I am turning into an icicle! Since surgery I have no tolerance for cold, I take two hot showers a day, wear wool socks, use a heated throw at home and a shawl and heater at work. And it’s not even really winter yet. I don’t think I will survive

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I’m now at 6 weeks post-op and my rate off loss has slowed significantly.

I’m experimenting with different solids now, eating three meals and two snacks, 50-60g of protein and less than 40 carbs a day. I average 400-500 cals per day.


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My birthday is coming up, and I tealized that I won’t be able to celebrate with my usual Indian buffet, decadent cake and wine.

I have ALWAYS used food to celebrate various occasions, and the idea of having a birthday go by without indulging

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I had my very first thrilling NSVs, all at once from yesterday to today!

I returned to work yesterday and I had major butterflies on my way in. But everyone was so lovely, and all day long I was complimented on how “great” and “refreshedâ

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I’m 8 days post op and I’ve been having a heck of a time with my cpap. The machine is blowing air down into my esophagus, causing me to burp all night long, which blocks air flow and wakes me up. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since surge

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While I was in hospital (discharged yesterday) the IV pain meds and the crushed tablets were making me vomit. And yet for some teason the kept giving them to me. I would vomit about 15 minutes after each fosage, like clockwork, then be fine. But my th

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I just got sleeved yesterday. I have five holes from the surgery, and I'm curious about which one they pulled the stomach through.

Do you know which of yours? Is it the same gor everyone?

These are the things that keep me up at night

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I had my VSG at noon yesterday and I'm currently at Humber River Hospital.

I hope to bust out of here later this afternoon but if anyone has questions feel free to post!

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After a 15-month wait, tomorrow is the day. I leftt work early today, it felt great to turn my out-of-office messages on!

Hospital bag is packed and I have just two more of the dreaded Optifast shakes to go.

I'm not at all nervous, mos

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I am on day 9 of the Optifast pre-op diet, so I'm getting about 950 calories a day. I also eat 2 cups of broccoli, peppers and celery per day.

I've noticed in the past few days that I get quite tired at night and have to go to bed early. I've a

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I have my pre-op screening appointment at Humber tomorrow and my doctor did not fax over the physician's form, which states my current medical situation with vitals and gistory listed.

I was supposed to have her fax it and then bring the origin

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Today is day 1 of 21. I had vanilla with cinnamon this morning, it wasn't great and I only got about 3/4 in.

For lunch I'll add ice and mix the two flavours. Everyone tells me to try adding coffee but I hate the taste so I'm trying to invent so

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I had met the surgeon yoday to get the go-ahead for surgery and to purchase my Optifast.

And of course to get my surgery date... October 11. AHHH! 😳😮😁

I was a little freaked but the shock is wearing off and excitement is creepi

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I just met with the bariatric internist. In my program, he is the one who recommends clearance for surgery to the surgeon.

I passed, and he confirmed that VSG is my best option because of medications I take/may need in future.

I have a

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I did a search but the responses I got were a bit old. Ladies (and husbands), what did your surgeon say about the birth control pill post-op? Will it absorb?

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I had my trio appointments Monday last week and was cleared, but no one said anything about my surgery date.

I see Dr. Glazer in August.

Do I call the surgeon myself, to book a date? Do I also have to book my PATTs?

My surgeon i

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Newbie question: What are some of the reasons why the doctor might order a pre-op endoscopy or colonoscopy?

Who would typically order it, the surgeon or internist?

As far as I know, I have no issues with ulcers, GERD, IBS, etc.

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