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Hi all   I am heading across the border for a little shopping.  I want to get some different Premier Protein.  Where is the best place to usually go? (I am going to Niagara Falls NY).  I also want to get some Yogurt.  Can anyone suggest something else?

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Wholly crap! Good for you. Inspirational. Thank you

Deb007 posted a comment 1 year ago
Ah thank you Kathy. That was so nice of you. You words brought a...

Deb007 wrote I need a head shake 1 year ago

I am a little frustrated today.  I had surgery 3 weeks tomorrow.  Everything has been going well.  I feel really good.  My diabetes is under control, to the point that I am off my insulin and oral ...

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I have been wondering, while in the pureed stage, does anyone know what calories we should be getting a day and is it still 60-80 grams of protein?  I start pureed tomorrow, but I don't want to overeat.  I am so glad to eat some different foods. I am s

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Hi all.  Feeling so blessed.  I feel great and so glad I did the surgery so far.  I have had no trouble with food or liquids and I am looking forward to pureed stage next week.  I am down another size and so excited.  I feel like I want to run a race,

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enjoying my favourite chair at home.  Had a little strained cream of mushroom soup for lunch but I only managed 2 tsp of appkesauce with my protein powder mixed in.  After finushing that, I passed out for 1.5 hrs.  No pain, jyst tired.  Tooting away.  

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Just have to live through one final day of Optifast.  Surgery is at 8am tomorrow.  My throat is sore this morning and at the tail end of a cold... hoping for the best.  I am nervous, but so ready.  17 pounds lost on Optifast (none since Tuesday)

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I just got a call from TWH and my surgery has been moved from Jan 24 to October 25.  I have to start Optifast now and I will be a couple of days short of my full 3 weeks. Kind of scared now.  I have put on 6 pounds since July so I am more than a little

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It has been 2 months, but, the wait is nearly over.  Meeting with the surgeon tomorrow at TWH.  I am so nervous.  I am afraid of a delay or getting rejected.  I know this appointment can take a little more time, but, what can I expect?  I know my vital

Deb007 wrote Meeting with surgeon tomorrow 1 year, 2 months ago

I am a bag of mixed emotions today.  Its been a long two month wait since my last appointment, but the day is almost here.  I am so nervous.  I have fallen a couple of times and gained a few pounds...

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Hi all.  I haven't posted before, but I have gained so much insight through this board.  I am going through TWH and all of my initial appointments have gone by without a hitch.  My appointment with the surgeon is at the end of Auguest and the waiting i

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I need to lose more weight

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