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I've contacted my employers occupational health nurse and was told that I would need a letter stating that I was having surgery and how long I was expected to be off. Because I work in a healthcare setting I would need forms filled out after surgery to

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So, my appointment this morning went very well. Apparently I'm textbook. I go to rounds tomorrow. And should hear in a month about meeting the surgeon. Hate to burst anyone's bubble and hope they are very wrong but I was told surgery will likely be in

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So I had my first in person Appointment today because I found out at the end of last week that Telehealth had cancelled my appointment because they couldn't find a site but didn't inform me. I freaked and tearfully called and left messages at the clini

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I'm looking forward to my psychologist appointment on January 9th. Just wondering if I need to prepare anything or what to expect.

Do they weigh you at this appointment or is that just the Nurse and Dietitian appointments?

I feel like I

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So I'm looking ahead to my final appointment, the Dietitian. I've long since finished my homework given in the nutrition class and just have the 3 day food record but I believe they want it to be recent.

I'm curious as to what they are looking

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So, I received the results from my sleep study last week. I have severe sleep apnea as in I stop breathing 65 times an hour and severe is 30 times an hour. So I was excited to get a machine and enjoy it's benefits like not being so tired.


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So, next week I have the nutrition class at TWH but still have not received my appointments to see the dietitian and psychologist. Will I receive them at that class like you receive the first ones at orientation? Is it possible to speak to someone at t

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So, I work 11pm-7am, full-time.

I usually eat with the family at 5 ish but then not again until 2 or 3 am. I often nap again in the evening. Sometimes I eat when I get home in the morning before taking the kids to school.

I know I shoul

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So I had my first appointment with the social worker Wednesday and it went great. My nurse appointment is in 2 weeks then the nutrition class is on October 17 th. Just wondering how long after that are the other 2 appointments scheduled? Will I be wait

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Hi everyone,

I had my orientation on June 7 the and have my first appointment via telehealth on September 13th then the 28th and the nutrition class on October 17th. Has anyone else used telehealth? Just wondering what the process is like.

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