11 Weeks Post Op, down 70.8 Lbs!

Apr 19, 2017

Woohoo! I weighed 233.2 Lbs this morning.  I'm down 70.8 Lbs now!  It's almost impossible for me to believe I weighed 304 Lbs a few short months ago, and now I'm 233.2!!!  Only 3.2 more Lbs to go and I'll be in the 220's, and I can't remember the last time I was there, lol.

On to NSV's...yesterday I had to go buy a few new tops, bra, and indoor workout shoes.  I was able to buy size 1X tops at Walmart, George brand and Alia brand.  One is black with white stripes, and the other is white with a black all over graphic pattern, with words and photos and something about Spain, lol. They're both pretty but casual. I was in size 4X George brand at Walmart before, and, depending on the style, sometimes those were too tight. In fact, I have two zip up sweaters that were too tight before surgery, both 4X, both huge on me now, but I still wear them and roll up the sleeves, lol.

I was able to get a bra for only 20 dollars, lol, at Walmart. It's just a plain white bra with underwire and fits perfectly. It's a size 44 D, and my old bras are size 46/48 DD so that is a nice change.  I also fit perfectly into my old size 42 DD bra that hasn't fit for years, so I guess it depends on the style.

In shoe sizes, I've also gone down a size, lol, from an 8 wide to a 7 regular, which boggles my mind.  I just bought some cheap pull on shoes to wear while I use my resistance bands, indoors.

My Mom made a huge meal for Easter and I joined the family and had some turkey, ham, and turnips.  I allowed myself 1 ounce of each meat, and 2 tbsp turnips, but was only able to eat half of my meal.  It's weird as my eyes have gotten used to the size of my portion, and instead of my portion looking tiny, everyone else's portions looked absolutely huge!  I didn't feel deprived or left out until dessert...my Mom made 4 pies; coconut cream, vanilla cream, banana cream, and apple.  Her pies are to die for and it's the first year I couldn't eat them, but truthfully, I was so full from supper I couldn't have fit it in even if it was allowed.  It was nice to visit with my cousins and uncle, and after they left i went next door and spent some time with my best friend and her family, which was lovely.  She was only in town for a few hours, but it was great seeing her again.

I colored Easter Eggs for the first time in about 30 years and had so much fun.  I also crocheted little hen cozies to cover the eggs, and ended up making an even dozen, so we had a flock of colorful crocheted chickens at the dessert table.  They were a big hit and everyone took one home.  I made a few extra boiled eggs for myself and have been having brightly colored breakfasts all week, lol.  

Here are my hen cozies, above, and below are my eggs.  I wish I would have gotten a better photo of the Easter eggs as there were so many beautiful colors and I didn't get them all in photos.  The eggs fit inside the chickens, and help them stand. 

Here's a photo (above) of a family friend holding a tray of my chickens and eggs, lol.  Would you believe I have to make more because now more people want them, lol?  I made 12 and was sure that would be enough since we only had 6 people for dinner, and I made extra for my best friend and her family.



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