Week 15 Post OP RnY

May 18, 2017

Can't believe week 15 was yesterday; where does the time go?  Next week I'll be 4 months post op; that's crazy!

I weighed 224.8 yesterday morning, which is a weekly loss of 3.4 Lbs (yay!) and an overall loss of 79.2 Lbs.  Woohoo!  So happy to see that number!

Yesterday was my first rest day in over a week, exercise wise.  I've been overdoing it and am very tired and lethargic this week.  I am trying to up my protein from the minimum required by my center, which is 60 grams, to 70 grams this week.  I was able to do it one day but yesterday only came in at 63 grams and couldn't eat another bite.

It's weird how some days I feel like I can eat more than others.

My family suddenly stopped supporting my weight loss journey.  Until recently, they've been good, but lately they are pushing food on me and getting angry when I say no.  They know I won't eat white bread, pastries, or icecream, but keep pushing them on me.  Not good.  I don't know why they're suddenly doing this. My one uncle is the worst; he got mad at me because I didn't finish my hamburger patty, but it was double the size I can eat.  I ate half.  I would have gotten sick if I had even one more bite.  He was really mad at me for not finishing.  I am not going to eat around my uncle any more.  Then he kept waving home made fries under my nose and telling me it wouldn't hurt to have "just one or two".  He got mad when I refused. It's hard enough to deny myself foods I like without people waving them under my nose or trying to put them on my plate. 

I've been feeling really down about this.  I know I shouldn't; I should be happy that I've lost so much weight and that I'm able to be active.  I feel best when I'm out in nature, and it's been raining for days so maybe that's part of why I'm feeling down. 

In NSV news, I was driving the other day and was amazed when I noticed the huge distance between my body and the steering wheel.  Before surgery, my stomach rubbed up against the steering wheel no matter what I wore, and wearing a winter coat made it very hard to turn the steering wheel.  Now there is a huge gap between me and the steering wheel; I'm nowhere near it.  Also, my size 1X pants are starting to get big.  I can now pull them up to my bra.  I'll need new ones soon, but I don't know what size comes next, as the 1X pants are the smallest in the oversize area of Walmart.  Is XL in the normal sizes the next size down for pants?



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