Weeks 31 and 32 Post OP RNY, sick for over 2 weeks :-(

Sep 13, 2017

Good morning!

I didn't update last week because I've been sick.  Last week I weighed in at 191.4, for a 1.2 Lb loss, and a total loss of 112.6.  I was thrilled, but so sick.  It started with a fever, sore throat, chills and quickly went into my chest as it always does.  

Today I weighed in at 188.2, for a 3.2 Lb weekly loss, and 115.8 Lb total loss!  Woohoo!

I had to get off the scale and reweigh myself before I could finally believe it, as it was beginning to seem like I'd NEVER get out of the 190's.  I was in the 190's for 6 weeks; the longest for any decade since starting this journey. 2 wee

I sure hope this weeks loss will stick, but am unsure as I didn't eat much in the past two days.  I only managed 350 calories two days ago, and didn't get my protein in.  Yesterday was the same, so before bed I forced myself to drink a protein shake, to get the protein to the right levels. It also brought my calories up to 574.  Prior to those two days I was eating between 650-800 calories a day.  I've been feeling nauseated after eating for the last little while, and now I'm on antibiotics which makes it worse. 

I also didn't get ANY exercise for over 2 weeks, until yesterday, when I walked around the Walmart for 2 hours while waiting for my prescriptions to be filled.  I also tried on some clothes and was able to fit into another size medium top.  Depending on the cut of the top, and the brand, I now fit into medium and large.  I have a few XL tops that still look OK, loose, but nice. I don't like wearing tight tops, which seem to be all the rage with the younger women, lol.

The doctor sent me for a chest Xray but I don't have the results back yet.  He also prescribed prednisone in addition to the antibiotics, but I asked if I could try the antibiotics first to see if they will help, and use the prednisone as a last ditch effort.  I gained my weight on prednisone in the first place, back in my first year of teaching.  I went from size 9 to size 22 in one school year because of daily high doses of prednisone.  Ever since then I have been super sensitive to the stuff and even short runs of 1 or 2 weeks makes me balloon up like crazy, and it takes months for it to go down again.  It also causes major mood swings.  On the bright side, it clears up my rosacea, but it always comes back again after.  I can easily gain 10 Lbs in one week on prednisone, and it's not normal weight.  It puffs up my face, and I get a camel hump on my upper back, between my shoulders, that feels like a water balloon under the skin.  The skin around my eyes puffs up so much that my normally big eyes look small. It's really nasty and I'm hoping and praying I'll be able to avoid it. 

I just posted on the forums this week that I was thrilled to notice a change in my face; it's not as round and I have definiition in my chin for the first time in years.  One week of prednisone will ruin that and it will be months before I go back to normal again if that happens.

Here's the photo I was talking about:


It was taken last week, and I was sick, but I'm thrilled with my chin, lol.  I used to have 3 chins and a super huge neck and now I have 1 chin; woohoo.

It's a gorgeous day today and I'm coughing so much I won't be able to go out and enjoy it.  I really miss my hikes along nature trails, my long bike rides, and my swims.

This afternoon I have a Skype type meeting with the physiotherapist from my center.  I've never met with the physiotherapist in real life so don't know why she wants to meet now, lol.  Maybe just to see if I"m getting any exercise?  It bums me out that I'd have to meet with her while i"m sick and have to say I've been inactive, after being so very active all summer.  I rode my bike for over 350 km so far, plus lots of walks and swims.  

On Monday I have to go to the Group health center to meet with the nurse from my Center, via Ontario telehealth.  I'm supposed to get 10 vials of blood drawn beforehand but my doctor wants me to wait until I'm better before having that much blood drawn because I've been having trouble getting my food and fluids in.  For the past 2 days I've gotten the fluids in but for 3 days before that I wasn't able to do it.

Well, I'm happy with the weight loss, and thrilled to be in the 180's; I haven't weighed this in ages.  I look great while standing, but when I sit my tummy and thighs spread out like mad.  I wonder what weight i'll have to be before I stop doubling in size when sitting, lol?



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