44 Weeks Post Op RNY; I BEAT Obesity!

Dec 06, 2017

I am so happy!  I stepped on the scales this morning and weighed 174.6, which is a 1.6 Lb loss for the week, and a 129.4 Lb loss all together, and my BMI is now within the OVERWEIGHT range!  

Here is my starting BMI, followed by my current BMI:

I went from Obese Class 3 (Super Morbidly Obese) to Obese Class 2 (Morbidly Obese) to Obese Class 1 (Obese) to Overweight!  

I am still 29 Lbs away from "normal" but it feels great to get out of the Obese classes.  I know they're just numbers and I'm not certain that I do want to lose 29 more Lbs, but I would like to lose at least another 15 Lbs, to get down to 160.  From there I'll probably want to lose another 5 to get into the mid 150's, and from there I'll only be 10 Lbs away from goal and will probably want to keep going, lol, but I have to see how I look and feel as I go.  I can't afford surgery and so far the loose skin is not too bad, and I dont' want to end up with a ton of it.

My next mini goal is to get out of the 170's and into a size 10 from my current size 12.

I've been sick with a fever and asthma for the past week, but last night I was able to get some sleep without waking up with asthma attacks, so I think I am starting to get better.  I moved the hamster out of my room into the spare room, in case she (or more likely, her bedding) was triggering my asthma, and now I miss her, lol.  I still go visit her next door and feed her, etc., but it's not the same as having her right next to me.  I'm crazy, I know, lol.


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