Kathy S. wrote 1 year, 2 months ago
Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! Here are some links to information you may find helpful: http://www.obesityhelp.com/articles/photographing-your-weight-loss-surgery-journey http://www.obesityhelp.com/articles/weight-loss-surgery-hosptial-stay-what-to-pack http://www.obesityhelp.com/articles/four-on-the-floor-self-care-after-weight-loss-surgery We can't wait to hear from you post-op!

Kathy S. wrote 1 year, 2 months ago
Thank you for registering at ObesityHelp.com. It's time to begin or continue your weight loss journey. You can get started by customizing your personal profile, set some new goals, begin tracking your weight loss, and post on the message boards. If you need some assistance getting started, that is what I am here for. We hope you enjoy your experience here at ObesityHelp.com.

Kellivision posted a discussion topic 1 year, 2 months ago

I'm having a revision from VSG to MGB with Ponce Bariatrics on 4/18.

I am incredibly nervous. I had no complications with my VSG in 2014, however i had it in the US and had many pre op appointments leading up to it. This time it seems so sudden

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