Tomorrow: Seminar

Sep 12, 2017

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this blog is actually being read! Thank you to those of you who are reading!

So, quick update before bed...

I guess I did a "fat person" thing. I decided I wasn't committing to that dietary change until I had my goodbye meal. What was it? Chinese. Chinese buffet, at that. I'm glad to say I got that done and out of the way and am sticking with the list provided by my doctor. I have come to tell myself that I only get 5 minutes to eat. I don't provide myself the option to continue past that, even though my doctor said I could set another 5 minutes timer. I feel it's unnecessary, and I feel like I'm cheating myself. Like the China Buffet wasn't cheating myself... yeah yeah, I know. I am sticking with breakfast, which is so hard! I don't like breakfast, unless it's for dinner.... but I've been making myself eat a Simple Truth Strained Greek Yogurt (Cherry) for breakfast. I shudder with every bite. I'm not a greek yogurt fan at all! I am slowly trying to transform my thinking from "I eat this because I love how it tastes" to "I eat this because it is a better option for my body". It's not an easy transformation, but I feel it is necessary. So... I choke the yogurt down, hoping that one day I might actually not dislike it. As for the rest? Still doing good at drinking primarily water, though today I had applejuice (shame). I am doing my best to eliminate white foods. I'm still mourning the loss of ranch dressing, ranch dip, ranch everything... I won't even lie. Don't worry, I'll get over it eventually. Still doing my best to drink at least half a liter before meals, and my oh my I'm amazed at how much that helps! I haven't started the weight lifting yet. My schedule has been insane lately. I know, I HAVE to make time, not excuses. So, there's that.

I know I said a "quick update", but I'm kind of long-winded. Sorry!

Tomorrow, after my classes (Algebra test tomorrow, say a prayer if that's your thing... or at least wish me luck please) the boyfriend and I will be going 2 hours out of town to attend the surgical seminar for the place I have chosen. I am not really sure what to expect... but I'm both anxious and nervous about it. Nervous, because it's the first contact with the surgeon. Anxious because... well DUH! I will do my best to update tomorrow, but I promise nothing. I probably won't get home until late, and I have early classes on Friday. I'm thinking the weekend might be more realistic. 

I went today to have my blood work done. There was no set date I had to have it done, just at least 2 days before my next appointment. Decided to get it done this morning, even though I said I would do it last week. Sh*t happens. I'm really curious to see what my numbers look like. He ordered two tests on my thyroid, an A1C, another blood sugar test, general wellness, something to check for infection, and my cholesterol. I'll let you all know when I hear something, which most likely won't be until my next appointment next month.

Last little bit here, I have been taking the medication for my blood pressure and I absolutely hate it. I feel very anxious a few hours after taking it. My heart RACES for hours... typically 120bpm resting. I could feel my heart just pouding today during class (had been sitting there for an hour), checked my BP and I was at 140bpm. That terrified me, I'm not even going to lie. I have never been afraid of the possibility of a heart attack, but now I really and truly am. I am going to contact my doctor tomorrow and see what he thinks. As well, I am continuously coughing and have a non-stop tickle in my throat, my stomach feels very acidic... and the first day it gave me diarrhea! In case anyone is wondering, it is Lisinopril and Hydrochlorothiazide that he has me on. 

So much for quick! Anyhow, I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope everyone is have success in whatever stage of their journey they are in. 


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