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I will be meeting with Dr. David Lindsay from St. Joseph's in Toronto... Any reviews???

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I completed my one in one’s last week. Now waiting to get my call to meet the surgeon. In all of my initials I was told I was being moved through from their perspective. Oh god I hate the waiting to hear for my next appointment!

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Are these revisions normally done in one surgery or two?

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I am so happy to report that I got the call yesterday and my one on one's that were initially scheduled for late July have been moved up to next Tuesday February 13th, 2018. I am so freakin' excited and nervous all rolled into one. So much is running t

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I know everyone has had to go through this long process but it boggles my mind of how consuming it has been. I feel as though I am eating sleeping and breathing WLS. Maybe it's because it has taken me over a year to finally have gotten a referral sent

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Just curious is anyone is aware of a Sudbury Coffee Night or Support Group? If not is there any interest for one?

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Hey All,

I had my orientation class today. It was informative but nothing I hadn't already read and researched. At the end of class they gave us our dates for the 1 on 1's... Not scheduled until the end of July. Talk about a let down I was hopi

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Hi All,

I'm new here so please bear with me... My Dr's referral has been sent in to OBN and they contacted me the next day. I received my portion of the paperwork and filled everything in and sent in back. Still waiting on my Family M

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