My Cardiology

Sep 11, 2017

Let's just say I'm cleared. Went in not knowing what the outcome would be or what to expect. My doctor couldn't clear me because she is not a cardiologist so she said I needed clearance from the specialist. Went in registered pretty quicly myself let me just add. An iPad and my finger and boom registered. lol Vitals taken, EKG done everything within normal limits. Was asked a couple of questions such as walking a distance how far I can go, breathing, any heart palpitation, if I ever did a stress test, etc, etc, etc. He was more intrigue with me having endometriosis surgery one with abdominal repair back to back 2015/2016. We spoke about that. He said he wasn't going to get in the way I have a healthy heart and just like that I was cleared. Happy camper here. Up next Endoscopy, Pulmonology, one more support group, one more pych and nutrition and off I go to get cleared by my medical provider in October! 

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