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Oct 11, 2017

I got the call!!!! As I was about to post a rant about my waiting and questions I have regarding submission and approval and surgery date I got the call from the Medical Assistant of my Bariatric doctor and let me say I haven't stop smiling. She asked me if November 20 was okay for me cause that was the next available surgery date and I said YEAAAAAA!!!! I asked if I can be put on a waitlist if anyone cancels sooner cause I am ready. I thought I got the insurance approval already but I got the email from her saying this "Congratulations on scheduling your surgery!!! This date is considered tentative pending approval from your insurance carrier. We need to see you back in the office for consent signing, the appointment information is attached to this email. Please also find attached your Pharmacy form, Health Care Proxy Form, and Pre-op diet instructions. Please start your pre-op diet on 11/13/2017. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. ONSENT FORMS WILL BE GIVEN WHEN YOU COME IN FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT." This is it I know I am getting approve for sure! I am excited to finally get my date. I got the news while I was at work and I literally was jumping up and down! I am so Happy can't you tell!!! lol  So I am planning on doing 2 week liquid diet but starting next week monday I will be starting 2 shakes and small meal. I want to be lower weight at the day of surgery! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! God is Good!!!!



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