1 week Pre-op diet

Nov 13, 2017

Where do I start..... Well today 11/13 I started my pre-op clear liquid and protein shake diet. My doctor only wanted me to do 1 week before surgery and 1 week after. I thought that I would do maybe 3 or maybe even 2 weeks on my own but I failed on those attempts but I believe that helped me get prepared for this week and how not to fail. I went to Costco on Friday and bought 2 case of 18 ready to go shakes of premier protein and my vitamins. Now the reasons of me failing these past 2 weeks is because I can't take it the after taste is horrible makes me nauseous but I got to suck it up and do this. One way I am seeing it as this is my medicine and I need to take it no but, if about it. Also premier protein is the only one I have found to have 30 grams of protein on a ready to go. I have heard that taste buds can change and so I am hoping mines does for the best. I'm having a little heartburn but is mild hopefully nothing serious. Tomorrow I go to testing and then I wait. Time hopefully flies by this week although I feel like this is going to be the longest week of my life... lol Okay let me stop being so dramatic. 


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