1 month down a lifetime to go!!

Jul 15, 2017

What a month it has been. Life moves so quickly and it waits for no one. Sleevita (my sleeve) has been in full cooperation and continues to help move me along on this journey. 

This month I found my self completely thankful for the tools provided to me preop by my physician and Pyschologist. There was never a doubt that I was an emotional eater....and I mean every emotion. Food was the center of celebration, sadness, happiness, anxiety etc. I was forewarned that the loss of overindulgence capability could take its toll emotionally. So while watching A marathon of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives I became sad that I couldn't go to that great restaurant mentioned in my city and partake of the food & libations. Not that I was remotely hungry or ever really drank pre surgery, but my choice was gone. 

That passed swiftly after the realization of my focus of food in my life had brought me to this point. I swiftly told myself to get over it and move on. Sleevita agreed as she really wasn't as interested as much my head was. 

This gift has allowed for me a new beginning, self evaluation, self control, responsibility of choices...a tool for rebirth in a sense. Allowing a reintroduction to food with a better, healthier relationship. 

I've been fortunate to get through this month with little to no incident. No severe reactions to food. I did however have a bout of the foamies after clearly forgetting to wait long enough after drinking and attempting to inhale a baked crab cake. Yeah....Sleevita showed me who's boss. I knew things were going bad when I felt the food sitting in the back of my throat...I was overfilled. We know how that ended. A reminder of slow & steady wins the race. 

But all & all, this month has been great and I am eternally thankful & grateful that I have been granted this tool for change.

peace & love


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