8 weeks post op update!!!

Sep 11, 2017

So I am now at 8 weeks as of 9/11/17 and I am really happy with my progress. As of now I am at a loss of 96lbs total. 56lbs since surgery on 7/17/17.

Height - 6'6"

Highest Weight - 415

Weight at Surgery- 375

Current Weight - 319

Goal Weight - 260

 I have been mentally staying positive. You have to continue to remind yourself to stick to the plan, it will work. I walk everyday about 60 mins and now I have incorporated sprints on the treadmill after my walks and situps, which are very challenging. I have been making great food choices but i appreciate my pouch on days that I decide to step out and enjoy something off plan. My pouch limits my intake and doesnt allow me to overindulge which is great. Im greatful for all the weight I have lost in such a short time. But im also working my ass off to make it happen. I still have a long journey to meet my goal but Im excited and motivated to get there.

I look forward to hitting the 100lb mark and getting out of the 300s for good. I started back work today after being on disability. This really allowed me to focus and prepare. I recommend going on disabilty for at least 6 weeks if possible. Focus on yourself and take that time to develop good habits. I travel alot with my job and im confident that I will be able to stay on plan with no problems because I have developed a good habitual plan that works for me.


Good Luck to eveyone and stay positive and focused.


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