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Almost 5.5 months since surgery and had my first, and hope last dumping.

Thought I could sneak some ice cream for granddaughter birthday

Never again. . .

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I watch my carbs and sugar closely to stay inthe range i want. I again took a closer look and this time a my vitamins. ( calcium, d3, multi vitamin and iron chewables)

WOW. With the bariatric vitamins I take that Dr office told me to get, I hav

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I meet with my NUT yesterday for a 3 month checkup and I discussed I was at 800 calories (Up to now I was told to be at 900 or less) and 30 carbs.  She did say my protein and fluids is great. but due to my working out every day I need to up my calories

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I am a litle over 3 months out and was discussing my progress and slow down to friend that had bypass a few years ago

He said he went to higher fat and low carb about 4 months out and he did well and it helped him get loosing again til he got t

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Just a little Friday Vent. . .

Friday is my weigh in day, and the continual stalls continue.

I lose a couple pounds, them stall for a couple weeks, then lose a couple pounds and stall for a couple weeks.

A stall every couple wee

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I am very happy with my weight loss so far, and do feel; better, but that was with a 2 week stall starting at 3 weeks.

I am now 8 weeks out and no weight loss in the last week again

I have been very strict to maintain 800 cals a day and

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I am a little over 6 weeks out and NUT moved me to 800 calories a day, and to increase fats if needed.

I am getting in about 100 grams a day of Protein

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I have just been released from pureed stage and now on regular diet.

I made a batch of beef chili, from a bariatric book I have, and just finished 1/2 cup with not only no problems, but the taste and texture was so missed.


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I had revision from VBG to RNY 6 weeks ago.

During pureed stage I could slowly eat as much as 1/2 to 1 cup, and never felt full.

I associated it to being pureed, but now I tried 2 eggs with cheese and still no "full feeling"

I s

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I have been on stall starting at 3 weeks and now going into my 5th.

I insure I have between 80 to 90. grams protein daily, 64 to 80 oz. water, and carbs avg about 35/day.

I know stall is normal, but how long, should I expect.


Kathy S. wrote 2 years, 2 months ago
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