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May 19, 2017

I am almost at my one year mark since my RNY surgery and it is still hard to see the success while looking in a mirror. I still tend to see the me at 317 pounds. I can truly tell there has been weight loss but I think it is going to take me a few more years before I can see past that old me. My 14 year old daughter is my best support person for when I started this journey to get healthy. She woudl always tell me mommy you're beautiful even when I never seen it. As I started losing the weight she would get so excited as she was able to finally hug me with her hand touching behind my back. As the weight keeps coming off she is always there telling me that I am doing a great job. I get a kick out of her when I look at new protein bars, she grabs the same one and starts reading the package to make sure it has no sugar alcohol as it give me the dumping syndrom. When she finds it before me she say "Hey mom you can't have that one sorry" and moves on to a new one to read.


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