RNY 10/24/17, SO EXCITED!!!

Oct 11, 2017

So I'm on 3 anti-hypertensives for blood pressure, on sleep apnea machine at night, and after having 2 kids this is so long awaited!!

Currently on day 2 of the Pre-op liquid diet. 

Day 1 was easy easy easy!
Loving the easy cubes for Beef broth, Chic broth, and sugar free choc pudding, and love, esp. the Crystal Light Rasp lemonade flavoris the best so far. I'm drinking nothing but fluids starting now and for the next 14 days. No problem so far-my hubby is being so sweet! He got up super early (like 6am) and went to the store and bought me a stack of things with a variety of flavors so when I woke up (at 7) I had so many choices! Aweee!!!! He's being sooo supportive! He even thought to sautée onions to make our own yummy broth and then strained the onions!! Awe! I had one choc premier Protein shake and 2 Eas Soy Protein powder shakes today, so only 3 shakes, but started to have diarrhea this evening before bed. It's water, Justin like Chic broth ;) lol. No prob though!

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