So full.....can't drink much

Mar 08, 2018

I had surgery Monday so I guess this would be 3 days post ok?

 Anyway I'm trying to do liquids every 15 minutes...that includes, water Powerade 0.. I tried premie protein but I am just so full feeling.. but I know I need something in my body but ivjjst can't take lmuch .   An oz fills me up as of now....and if I  try 2 oz of liquid I feel like severely full... I'm suppose to be on full liquid but can' fathom drinking anything but water Powerade etc..again premier profen drinks are too heavy for me to drink makes me so full almost sick... even at 1 oz at a time. 

So is this normal?

Yes I'm taking my vitamins. (Barimelts)

Thanks yall


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