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I am 2 weeks post op yesterday. I have been following my programs nutrition plan as well as making sure I am drinking my water- but i feel like i’m seeing so many other people online who are still only on fluids 2 weeks out. Or that they are losing

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Making my husband do groceries for me in preparation for starting my soft/puréed food stage as of next Friday. What were/ are you go to’s. I’m so sick of soup and dying for something slightly more solid. Bonus points if you have any Thanksgiving

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Had my surgery yesterday! Everything went perfectly textbook! I did not enjoy the haze of anesthesia i was in most of the day yesterday but am feeling ok today. Some abdominal pain just doing my best to sip my fluids, walk as much as i can and elimin

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Im having my surgery on the 26th— assuming everything goes to plan. since i will be off work for at least 4 weeks i would love to go to the ottawa meet up... when is it/ where too! I would love to meet some locals!

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Yes, I realize this is all for a good reason which i am very excited for- but i really am sick of only liquids- also yes i know i’m only at the end of day 2. When does it get slightly better- when will sitting with my husband and son who are eating

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So much more real now! Trying to figure out how to space my shakes! I know they say every 4 hours but i rarely eat after 7 and having a shake that late seems not realistic to my schedule. Also means my surgery date is exactly 21 days away!!!!! Very Ex

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Question #1- Were you specifically told you could have certain veggies on Optifast? I’ve seen people being allowed like 1 cup of cucumber or broccoli or celery but they haven’t mentioned it or not mentioned it.

Question#2- What a

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Got the call for my surgery date. September 26th- start opti on September 5th. I now have to tell my boss i need 4 weeks off and am freaking out! I don’t know how to approach it or when. Or how much i want to share with her/ my workplace. How did

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So I have been progressing through all the steps of the process here in Ottawa. I now have my 2nd pre-op class and meet the surgeon all by the end of me. I have a huge vacation planned for August that i have been planning for over a year and then as s

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If you wore a cpap machine- how soon after surgery were you able to stop using it? How did you know you could do with out it. I JUST had my sleep study( just got home) turns out i O2 levels dipped A LOT during my Rem sleep-

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Tuesday i have both my first appointment in ottawa. I’ve done the little open house and now we really get into i guess! How much time does the first real appointment take? Also on Tuesday I have my sleep study! i’m curious to see how that goes as

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As with many others this january i joined a gym! I feeling excited about starting this whole new life journey and developing good work out habits before surgery. As i am getting over a month long sinus infection i’m keeping it simple for now- but wh

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Curious- had my orientation in ottawa - found out after surgery not allowed to have advil/motrin/ etc . I will obviously ask at my next appointment but what do you take for like headaches and such- i’m very sensitive to tylenol- makes me vomit nearly

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I’ve got my orientation in Ottawa Next monday the 18th! So nervous and excited- also i hate parking at the Civic.

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While still no actual appointment with the clinic here in Ottawa- They did send my Dr. some more things for us to do- lots of blood work and stool tests- boo- and hpylorie - i have no idea what that is ! and a sleep study even though i have no snoring

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Was referred in Ottawa Sept 19- i just wish i knew what was going on? Did they get the referral? Did they accept me or reject me? When and how will i know? ugh. i just want to move forward- i’ve spent the better part of a year weighing the decision o

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I was referred to my family dr Sept 19. Have no heard anything back yet but i know it can take a while so i am “trying” to be patient. lol. My question is how much say do you have of when your surgery happens. For instance if you vacation planned

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Hi Everyone,

I was just referred by my Doctor today. I am in Ottawa. I was curious from ottawa area people what your time lines for things have been like? Not going to lie- super nervous

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