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While still no actual appointment with the clinic here in Ottawa- They did send my Dr. some more things for us to do- lots of blood work and stool tests- boo- and hpylorie - i have no idea what that is ! and a sleep study even though i have no snoring

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Was referred in Ottawa Sept 19- i just wish i knew what was going on? Did they get the referral? Did they accept me or reject me? When and how will i know? ugh. i just want to move forward- i’ve spent the better part of a year weighing the decision o

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I was referred to my family dr Sept 19. Have no heard anything back yet but i know it can take a while so i am “trying” to be patient. lol. My question is how much say do you have of when your surgery happens. For instance if you vacation planned

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Hi Everyone,

I was just referred by my Doctor today. I am in Ottawa. I was curious from ottawa area people what your time lines for things have been like? Not going to lie- super nervous

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