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Feb 19, 2018

I just had to share this...

I have cleared the final stage which is normal foods. I can now try anything I want a little at a time. I have been hesitant on it though cause I don't want to slow down my weight loss. But I got tired of eating the same thing. 1 egg for breakfast, 2 oz of tuna for lunch, 1 1/2 oz of fish and 1/4 cup of veggies or starch for dinner. So we started searching for some recipes. I found a definite keeper. This is a bariatric, low carb version of pancakes and is absolutely delicious; even with nothing on it. 




Full Foods Stage

Feb 19, 2018

I made it to the full foods stage. I was getting so sick of the same foods over and over again. But now I feel like im still having the same foods so that I can keep my carbs in check rofl. 1 egg for breakfast, 2oz of tuna for lunch, 1 1/2 oz of fish and 1/4 cup of vegitables or starch for dinner. 

Today I got to indulge a bit. I had a sm. greek salad and about 1oz of Baked Pastichio. Thats a greek dish similar to lasagna. It says there is elbow noodles in the recipie but I dont think this greek church puts them in. I wasnt able to eat more than two bites of the salad. Too much oil. But the Pastichio was awsome. and the mushrooms from the greek greenbeans and mushrooms.

I have decided to only record my weight once a week now that I have gotten to the last stage. I figured since I do measurements on sundays I could do weight on the same day. 

Weight: 239.0, Waist 47, Chest 45.5, Hip's 50.5, Upper Arms 14.75, Thighs 26, neck 15.25. My weight, waist, and chest has gone down this week. The rest stayed the same. I think some of it is not measureing in the same exact spot each time. So we are trying to find some kind of mark to use as a measure mark. Like a scar on my thigh will mark where to measure my thighs each week.


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Pants on da ground

Feb 11, 2018

The other day I was walking up the steps again. I remembered what happened last week so i tried to hold onto my pants this time. I had to let go for a min to open the gate and down they went rofl. Im trying not to buy new ones yet until I have to since I know I will be going down sizes a few times. 

This week I have lost weight and inches. I love seeing the difference in my clothes as well as seeing it on the scale and on the measureing tape. Everyone says they see it in my face but I still dont see it unless I turn my head a certain way. Today the scale read 241.  My waist is now 48in, chest 47in, Hips 50.5, Upper Arms 14.75 in, Thigh 26 in, and Neck 15.25 in. Everything has gone down in inches except my arm and hips. 

I found an awsome recipie this week and we tried it. I can only eat about an ounce of it and that wrecks havic on my stomach. It is chicken breast tenderized and stuffed with cream cheese, brocoli, and cheddar cheese. I haven't figured out what is causeing the uneasiness and heavy feeling in my stomach yet. 


Back in the Swim of things

Feb 06, 2018

Today my husband and I decided to finally go to the gym. I got the ok to exercise a week ago but the weather has been to cold. I thought I'll do some walking/jogging on the treadmill and then do some swimming. After leaving for my van run (I'm a school van driver) I realized that I forgot my towel. I thought well thats ok I can stop at the walmart and buy a cheep one. Than when i was just about to my first school I realized I was wearing boots, and of course I forgot my tennis shoes. i got the overwhelming feeling of just saying forget it I'm not going to go. But I pressed on and decided to look for a cheep pair of shoes so i could still go. After not finding anything I thought about going to the thrift store when my husband said why dont we just go swim. I agreed. 

I tried on a bathing suit I bought some time ago that realy didnt fit but I could squeeze into it. Today it fit well. I didnt have any trouble getting it on. I have always liked swimming but after having a fall that injured my shoulder I couldnt swim very fast. I decided I was going to try and push the shoulder a little today and see if i can work out the stiffness. I managed to swim a mile in just under an hour and half, burning about 1000 calories. I have never swam a mile in that short of time. Normaly it would have taken 2 or 3 hours at least. 


Burning Fat!!

Feb 03, 2018

Since Jan 23rd. I have been cutting my carbs down to below 20g. Most days It was below 10g. To try and get into ketosis. I was testing every day and the strips were not changing. So we decided that maybe the strips were to old (almost a year) So we bought new ones. I tested at 6am this morning and low and behold I am in ketosis. Hot dog, now my body should be burning fat instead of the carbs I'd eat. 

Last week I was walking up my steps and my pants fell down. I hurried up and pulled them but but I was smileing at the fact that they are so loose they actually fell down. 

Tomorrow is my hubby and my 20th wedding anniversary. i hunted all over town and finally found a bakery that made a sugar free cake for me. I was about to give up and just make it myself but decided to try this one bakery. I wasnt able to get one design I wantted due to it used fondant which she couldnt do sugar free. But we came up with another idea. When I picked it up today I couldnt believe how good it looked. 

Yesterday I was at walmart looking for stuff for our anniversary. i asked this one woman about making sugar free chocolate dipping sauce. We got to talking and I told her about the surgery and everything we have been doing. She was impressed at all our accomplishments thus far. I felt good after talking to her. 


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Going Dowwwn

Jan 29, 2018

Yesturday I took my weekly measurements and finally everything has gone down. Last week my measurements were waist 51, chest 48, hips 54.75, upper arm 15, Thigh 29.25, and neck 16.25. This week my measurments are waist 49, chest 48, hips 54.5, upper arm 14.75, Thigh 28.75, and neck 16. My weight is very slowly going down. by the tenths of a lb lol. 

Today I saw my regular doctor and she is happy with my progress. The one thing i was worried about is the hospital said to get 64oz of water but I have only been able to get 42oz. My Dr., My surgeon, and my Nut all said they are not concerned about my water intake. My dr. said that 64 os like a magic number they tell everyone. 

When I was leaving i pulled my work vest over my stomach and realized that for the first time I could actualy zip it up. I bought a special one that was pink in support of one of our drivers who was batteling cancer. I have never been able to zip it up. Now It zip's up and I was even able to pull it out from my body. 

I still have not gone into Ketosis. It has been 7 days now. My Dr said that it could take up to 3 wks. I dont know if my nerves can handle that long rofl. My carbs are still around 10g a day. My Dr. said that for some people it takes longer to go into ketosis. 



Yup, I'm still here

Jan 25, 2018

I haven't posted in awhile since not much has changed since my last post. I hit a stall, and while I know that it's to be expected it sure was discouraging to see it so soon. After about a week and half stall I droped below the 250 mark. For a couple of days I lost a couple more lbs and now I am at another stall. I am purposely trying to put myself into ketosis to try and get out of the slump. For the past 3 days I have kept my carbs at below 10. 

Yesterday I saw my nutritionist (Amanda), and she said everything looked good. Amanda recomended I dont stay in ketosis for to long but a short one would be ok as long as there is no physical complications like dizzyness and such. I told her that I cheated on my meals and have been in soft foods a few days earlier than the program said I was supposed to be. She said that as long as I was careful and didnt have any issue's she didnt have a problem with it. The last thing she told me was that I would not have as much of a spike in weight loss as I have in this past month. That kind of made me sad a bit. 

Today I saw my surgeon (Dr. Ryan) for my 1 month follow up. He basically seconded everything my nutritionist had said. Both of them said that my weight loss is below average. When I told Dr. Ryan how much I gained the day I went home he said "Wow they realy did pump you with fluids lol." I told him about trying to be in ketois, and keeping my protein higher so that I reduce my chances of loseing my hair. He said that he was not to concerned about numbers but rather to follow what my body says. He asked if I had any complications, dumping, or blockages. Which I haven't. He asked about any food intollerances or taste changes. I was shocked that so far I have not had any changes in taste or food tollerances. The last thing Dr. Ryan told me was I am under no more restrictions. I can exercise, work, and clean as much as I can handle. 

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No more shots

Jan 08, 2018

Today after having one of the best days having blood drawn (no issues with them finding and keeping the vein lol) I got the call that I am to take 3 cumiden and then stop and no more blood work. Whooo hoooo.

Also tomorrow I start the pureed stage. Although truth be told I have already tried some of the foods in this list lol. I am however excited to start some new foods I havent tried yet. 

Still haven't lost anymore weight but at least Im not gaining anymore. 


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Jan 06, 2018

Still very sore and weak. I sorted out my closet and threw away some outfits that are to big now. carrying my clothes from the closet to the bed made my back and shoulders hurt. it felt like i had been doing weight lifting.

Also a bit discouraged as the past two days I have gained weight. (on 1/4/18 i was 253.8, on 1/5/18 I was 254.8, and today I am 255.4) Hubby says not to worry and wants me to take a laxative. He says that might help.

Being on the liquid diet I havent been hungry, but I sure do crave something to sink my teeth into. Mainly a cheeseburger. 


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To Weak to Come up With a Title

Jan 02, 2018

Today I started back to work. I drive a school bus and the schools went back from vacation. Ironicly last night I started feeling very weak. It feels like i over exercised. i was taking a shower and couldn't stay in long enough to shave and put on lotion. I came out and layed on the bed cold but I couldnt move. Today I walked outside and my hands burned from the cold. Going to have to find my full finger gloves. Coming home I stoped at the store and walked around shopping. When I got home i only carried 2 bags in but I could barely make it up the steps. I didnt expect the weakness to hit after a week. i would have thought it would have happened right after the surgery. Luckily my job isnt to strenuous. 

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