Puréed Food Phase

Jul 14, 2017

I had a good 2 week check-up and officially have moved on to the Puréed food phase. BTW I also lost a whopping 25.3 lbs since my surgery date. I cannot entirely take credit since I spent 5 days post op. on nothing but I.V. fluids due to a blockage. I thought in my state of head hunger that I really wanted scrambled eggs (2 to be exact) when in reality I could only chew one egg and as most people tell you - they don't taste the same. I felt soooooo full, for hours after eating one egg. He cleared me to eat protein bars practicing the 30 rule of course & told me to cautiously add texture to my diet. In a show of solidarity the Hubs ate a Premier Protein bar, calling me from work to report that it's a no for him.

My surgeon cleared me for swimming so I will start walking the pool and hopefully progress to aerobics, then swimming. 'Walking' the pool while reading a good book is my go to stress breaker.


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