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Hello everyone.

I will be one year out in August. Right now, I am down 136 pounds from 311 to 175. I wear a size large shirt and 14 or 12 pant. I'm pretty much where my doctors said (they suggested 180), and I'm not sure if I should start a

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I had a blood draw for my sleep center to check ferritin levels. It came back as 6.9, and he said to start taking (2) pills a day (60 elemental iron each). I was surprised that my bariatric doctor (different hospital) hadn't said anything about being

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I had my 3 month followup on Friday. Down 16 # since my last visit, and my bloodwork looks great! I celebrated by going to the mall (actually I went there to add steps to my day), and came out with two 1X sweaters! Not 2X or 3X, but 1X! I haven't b

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Has anyone tried Muscle Milk PRO? It doesn't look to be too different to Premiere Protein, but more carbs. The calories are probably about the same since the serving size is different. Thoughts on this product? I like the increase in protein.

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Hello everyone. I'm approaching my 3 month mark (Aug 9 surgery date). At 2 months, I had lost a total of 30#. Between month 2 and going towards month 3, I've maybe lost 2 pounds! I started tracking my food intake on MyFitnessPal, and I am eating be

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Hello all. I am just over a month post-surgery and looking for iron suggestions. I was told if my insurance wouldn't cover the prescription ferocon (they didn't) to get iron (ferrous sulfate) 65mg. However, I'm already having issues with constipatio

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