Apr 21, 2017

Down five pounds this week!

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Apr 15, 2017

I think I have solved my scale issue. I got a new scale, a weight gurus bluetooth scale. Its a little small for me but I manage alot easier then the normal size scales. Its heavy and sturdy so I don't fear stepping on it. It will send my weight to my weight gurus and fitbit apps. It is also compatiable with my amazon echo. :) 


HW: 453 (3/08)

CW: 379.4 (4/15/17)

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Sad News :(

Apr 11, 2017

I found out today that my insurance does not cover any weight loss surgeries with no exceptions for medical necessity. This is depressing to find out after all the research and time taken to make the decision to "want" and "need" a VSG. I can't give up. I have too many health problems. Yes I have lost nearly 100 pounds on my own but that has taken a very long time and with my health and physical state, I am hardly mobile now. I need to lose 200 more pounds. My highest by the way was 475ish and I am now 380ish. That is all for now. ~ Blessed Be ~ Lexie



Apr 09, 2017

Starting my week with a weigh in. Although I tackled my eating disorder years ago, it did return and cause some regain. My heaviest: 475 and current 376.2. My regain had me at almost 390 but i halted in the high 380s. I have too many reasons to lose weight and now with the possibility of VSG in my near future, I have a chance to change my life. I will continue to fight to lose either way but I do what a better life and I have worked so hard these past 10 years. xoxox Blessed be for now. ~ Lexie

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Big day today!

Apr 07, 2017

First yesterday I saw my psychiatrist for my quarterly checkup and medication refills. No changes  this time. Today I had met my new primary doctor and like him much better then my last primary doctor. He says I am a good candidate for VSG and we can start going through the motions of confirming insurance benefits and continuing to lose weight in the meanwhile. I am excited and nervous at the same time.but knows this is the best step I can do for my future. At first it was about losing weight but how its about my health too. My family has a history of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems including congestive heart failure. We lost my mommy in her 70's, that is too young, She will never be forgotten but it has helped our whole family be more conscience about our health, too. That is it for now. I wlll blog more as  things happen. ~ Blessed be for now ~ Lexie

Ohhh P.s. While i was waiting for the h20pal bottle I ordered a hidrate spark, I will post about it in my blog when it arrives, it was backordered til april so hopefully soon. xoxox

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My new H20Pal Smart Bottle

Apr 04, 2017

I got a smart bottle recently and love it. It syncs to my phone and logs how many ounces of water is consumed daily and how many ounces until I meet my goal. My baby sister had given me a visa gift card for my birthday back in February so this was a nice gift. I use it every day. It holds a normal water bottle's amount of water. It also adds excuse to get up and refill the bottle, too. :) 


Plateau Struggles and Emergency Room Visits

Apr 04, 2017

I have been struggling with a plateau for a long time. I feel like a bouncing ball. Finding closure to the emotions that caused my regain has helped alot. I have a great psychiatrist and going to a therapist soon. I was in the ER twice the past week. First visit was for a urinary tract infection. Second visit as fear of reaction to the medicine I was taking for the UTI. It was not a reaction but my sleep apnea that caused my oxygen levels to fall. The ER visits moves my doctor appointment from the 18th to the 7th so I will be able to get all this sorted again. Here is my current stats: 

Heaviest Weight: 475 & Current Weight: 377 - so close and I have done the 100 lb milestone before my depression took over. I had a regain to 388 and has started to drop again. This feels good as I start to feel like myself again after a year of psychiatric care.

My Goal: VSG

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1000 plus steps today!

Mar 24, 2017

Wow, yesterday i made 800 steps by midnight and i was tickled and today I did 1000 by 3pm! I found a little game app that syncs with my fitbit and makes steps fun. You level up by walking and it will tell you how many steps til next level which was a great encouragement to make a few more steps to get there. Name of the app is Wokamon. Check it out if you have a Fitbit. Just had to share this good feeling. Blessed be.


New scale on the way...

Mar 19, 2017

My current scale is a 600lb limit heady duty and expensive but lately it has given me some odd results. Like 10-20 lb differences so I thought its time fo a new scale... 400lb limit this time since i am under 400 awhile now yays! It should arrive tomorrow. It had an amazon best flag and was 25 dollars so I grabbed it. 

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My New Smile

Mar 16, 2017

We went back last Monday to get my final dentures and took a selfie as soon as I got in the car. This was my first selfie, too. :) I love my new smile and I started to lose weight again. I did not like my regain but we are only human so now I am feeling better. I am taking my meds on schedule. I made some small goals to work on....

1) No missed medications for a week.

2) morning/nighth (2x daily) face care 

And some other things I am working on is... a shopping trip to buy makeup, a manicure, maybe a perm/hairstyle depending on mood.

Blessed be for now. xoxox


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