Strictures Again?

Apr 07, 2009

Well, seems that not only am I the Queen of the Strictures but now on top of all of that I have an ulcer that has developed as well. Man, I seem to have all the luck right? Going back in on Thursday to have the strictures fixed and have a prescription for the ulcer that I need to start taking IMMEDIATELY! Do I regret having my surgery – yeah I know that’s on every pre-op’s mind that is reading this but the answer is simple – HELL NO!! I have already lost over 115lbs since surgery and total of 150lbs since my journey began so no I don’t regret it one bit. God doesn’t give you more than you can handle is what people tell me so I just look to the bright side of things, at least this is something that they can fix—might be painful now but in a year I will look back on this and laugh that I ever was really worried and be in awe of how far I have come and the obstacles that I overcame to get my happy ending!  


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