Stronger than I think

Jul 21, 2009

It seems that life never does get easier, but it certainly delivers the hardest things you can imagine.  I often wonder to myself if someone can really endure heartache and pain long term.  Everyone's pain and feelings are important to them.  These past few weeks have been probably some of the most intense I have endured in a long time and now that some of it has passed I breath a sigh of relief and look back wondering.  How did I do it???   How do we ever do it?  The end results are always what makes us proud of ourself. 
Last week everything in my world seemed to be falling apart, my mother-in-law took a horrible fall, which resulted in a compound fracture, they had to do emergency surgery.  Here Kenneth and I are waiting for the surgeon to come out with good or bad news.  Thankfully they were able to do something with her leg, it was the same leg that her knee replacements went bad.  They had just told her that morning she would be good to go in about 3 weeks to have the replacements put back in, then she fell that day.  My dad is still having a hard time.  He was not hisself and found out his kidneys were not functioning.  They have been doing dialysis for the past 3 days now, he is getting better.  Then to top everything off, my beloved "surgery" cat, Luffa, had to be put asleep because he went into kidney failure and had multiple stones blocking him.  It was horrible and I am sad.  Over 5 years ago I went to visit my mother-in-law, she had that wild kitten outside that needed a home.  Of course Kenneth and her had to let me see him, after that we just had to take him home.  The poor little guy was sick for many months from a "cold" that would not go away, was taken to the vet many times, finally was able to get over it, but it was a long time and lots of vet bills.  Thankfully he survived.  I called him my surgery cat because I got him right after my weight loss surgery.  I'm so heart broken and so are the other 3 cats.  Everyone misses him so much.  Rest in peace my dear kitty, we will meet again on Rainbow Bridge.

On a positive note, my term is over.  I made A's in both classes.  Took my finals tonight and passed!  That's the part I have to ask myself, how did I pass with all this other stuff going on.   That old saying that God does not give us more than we can handle is true.... 


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