Heavy Heart

Jan 03, 2010

Today was to be a joyous day, it is my husband (Kenneth) and mine's 15th wedding anniversary.  I'm grateful that I have him in my life, especially right now.  For this past year my dad has been really fighting his cancer.  He was lucky because he first was diagnosed in 2000.  Dr. Frizi at Eisenhower removed a huge basketball area in his colon.  He was left having to have a ileostomy bag, but was always very happy and cheerful even in the worst circumstances.  He went on to keep fighting this for many years and then was diagnosed with cancer in the bladder, but because it was colon cancer first, it was still considered colon cancer.  The cancer then turned into a mess between his bladder and what little intestine was left.  This caused what is called a fistula.  This made both urine and stool to pass both ways.  In doing this my dad was unable to eat and has been on TPN for 2 years.  The fistula caused major problems in terms of infection because stool is not suppose to be in the bladder.  For the past 2 year since this fistula developed he has been in and out of the hospital, many times near death, but he survived.  He wanted so badly to have the fistula fixed and we saw many surgeons in the hopes it would be fixed.  Dr. Chasen was willing to take the risk and on December 4th he was set to have exploratory surgery and possibly undergo a major operation.  Unfortunately my mother became very sick during that time and he decided along with Dr. Chasen and my family that this would be too much of a burden to go through right now.  My dad again several weeks ago become very sick again with an infection and this time his body just could not take it anymore.  My dad has had multiple CT scans and because of his stomach size it has been hard to determine about any masses.  The last scan he had Dr. Chasen pretty much confirmed along with the radiologist that there was some type of mass.  This was going into the kidney and liver.  My dads kidney's started last week to fail along with his liver.  Today my dad passed away after a long battle, but he was a survivor.  He went home to be with the Lord and I know he is in a better place now.  I have a very heavy heart, but I have peace and comfort in knowing he is without pain now.

I needed to express my gratefulness to Dr. Chasen.  He has been there this whole time, never giving up on my dad.  He took the time to comfort me when I needed it and was there today with open arms while I was crying over my dad's bed.  I also cannot say enough about the great people I work with, they have been there throughout these last few weeks of pain, all with open arms, along with many of your emails, calls, and hugs.  It has made this easier, but it is still quite painful.  I know each day will get better.  The hardest part at this time is my mom.  She is devastated about this and it is hard to be a rock when you want to fall apart yourself.



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