Why I won't be there.....

Mar 28, 2010

I wasn't going to say anything, but I think those people who I have supported throughout their weight loss journey have a right to know why you won't be seeing my face at support groups. I have been told to not attend since my leaving the program. I wrote a personal email to the COE of the hospital and this is the response I received. I will put out a portion of his letter back to me.

"As you are aware, there are several other support groups in the CSRA and I would think it would be more comfortable for you to attend one of them. I do not feel you and/ or your husband attending the Trinity Bariatric Support Group at this time would be productive. Once our new Support Group Leader is comfortable, and or time has passed, I may reconsider our decision."

Basically they are concerned that other people will still get the impression that I work for the bariatric center or am still the support group leader. I am very disappointed in the hospital's decision. I just wanted to make sure everyone out there who attends knows why I will not be attending. I am in the process of finding or starting another support group outside of the hospital. Thanks for all the support from those who truly care. This is certainly the time I needed support the most, but as you can see I have been kicked to the curb when I needed it most. I cannot be silent about this.

I just wanted to add that the past several months have been probably the hardest I have ever dealt with and then this happens.  My heart hurts and I am so disappointed. 


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