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Apr 23, 2010

    I hope you are enjoying the wonderful spring time weather. I have been having a blast with this great weather. I’ve been busy planting a flower garden. I still have several other plants and trees to get to complete everything. In the past I have not had the time to do things like planting a flower garden.   Since my parents passed away I have found a huge void in my time and not working right now I am finally finding the time I have missed for years. In fact because I was so busy all the time I just found myself so tired that I did not even have time to exercise like I had wanted to. I have moved back to my childhood home and the great thing is the neighborhood is quiet and have nice roads to be able to walk. I have a path now that is over a mile that I have been walking each day, plus more roads to add to the walk later on. I was not doing this to lose any weight, just to do some toning and go look at the beautiful flowers all around. I have lost 6 pounds from just the walking and did not even intend to do that. I am still attending my college classes, I am into the 5th week, just 5 more weeks to go. Then I’ll be doing my clinical starting around June. I am very excited to get it done and graduate! I never thought I would be this far already. Just wanted to let everyone know how I was doing. 


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