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Jul 29, 2010

Well, it has been a long time since I have posted anything and decided that it is probably the best time to do an update.  A lot has been going on with me.  I just finished up my externship at Margaret J. Weston Medical Center last week.  They offered me a job, but I had to decline.  Kenneth and I have decided to start our own business.  We are taking a huge leap into this.  We are going to be doing heavy haul freight movement for the military, along with many other types of heavy equipment like those huge windmills, excavators, combines, ect.  We just finalized the paperwork to purchase our truck and trailer.  I have been working hard to get everything in order for the company.  All kinds of stuff has to be done, like the incorporation paperwork and all the regulations that go along with the trucking industry.  I know most of you are probably wondering why we decided to do this being I am just about a week from completing my associates degree in Medical Office Management.  I determined that at this point in my life I needed to do something else.  I want to be able to spend time with my husband.  When I was working with my last job I realized after I left that I missed out on so much, like spending more time with my parents, laughing more, just having a good time.  I was so tied up in the job that I forgot about me and those around me suffered.  I cannot continue to devote all my life to a job.  Although I loved working with the bariatric community all these years, it is time to move on.  I'm still around though, just need to do something I want to do for once.


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