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I have my NP appointment tomorrow and I think this is the one I'm worried about the most. I've come to accept that my Vit D was a bit low at my bloods in June (just had more bloods done yesterday so we'll see how they come back).

I really hate

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at my dietitian appointment she said they expect my target weight to be 205-220lb. This is still overweight / obese. I said my target is to get to normal weight for me height (around 170lb for 24.5 bmi or just over 25 bmi which is around 180lb). She sa

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In the blood work I had done at the beginning of my application process it said my vitamin D level was 55 which is lower than it needs to be. I’ve started taking 2000ic of chewable vitamin d but the social worker said the nurse will probably delay su

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I have my first dietician and social worker appointment this Friday. I plan to take a week's worth of food diaries with me (it's all I have - the appointment is a cancellation so last minute for me). Would it be overkill to take a sample meal plan for

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I had my first 1-1 appointment today with the physio and it was a really positive experience. Our kids go to the same school, we have lots in common and she was super, all around, lovely. I want to be her friend lol

She went throug

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Where do you recommend to buy the best value post op vitamins?

I looked on Celebrate and saw these:

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I had a colonoscopy done in May 2017 but my last endoscopy was in May 2016 (I sent a copy of the results of this in with my paperwork and the results of the colonoscopy in May 2017) but I know they prefer you to have an the results from within 12m prev

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It's been awhile since I last posted. My orientation was in July and I've only just gotten my next appointments. I'm seeing the Dietician and the SW this Friday.

Can anyone tell me what to expect and what I can do to help the proce

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I've seen some people saying to call up for cancellations and this is something I'm keen to do (my orientation is next week. It's taken a while because I moved after my referral was submitted) I'm now with Sudbury. I live minutes away from the centre s

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as the title says - what happens at orientation? I got a call today to say I'm invited to my orientation (in Sudbury) and he said it was from 8am until 3:30pm and I wondered why it's so long? I've no idea what actually happens during the day and wonder

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I had my pre-op blood work done last week and it detected issues (I'm in the early stages of referral).

It shows my fasting glucose was higher than it should be but nominally so, red blood cell count was high, cholesterol was very low and vita

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Has anyone had their referral go through Subury recently? Everything I've found on the forum is pretty old (at least 18m or up to 5 years).

I'm trying to gage timelines.

I've just sent my questionnaire back and my Dr has sent all his st

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I got a call yesterday from HRH and the woman said she was sending out my "information pack" which needs to be completed before orientation is arranged. Can anyone tell me the content of this information pack?

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Does anyone know what will happen if my referral was done in southern ON. Would I need to start at the beginning of the process again when I move to Sudbury in July?

My Dr submitted my referral to Humber River Hospital April 28th 20

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I'm going to my Dr today to ask for a referral to the Ontario Bariatric Network. I don't know why I'm so nervous. I'm pretty sure I qualify and fit the criteria (so far) 5'10 cw 310lb with hypertension and prediabetic. I've never been one to worry abou

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