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Last week I watched my niece participate in a high school dance showcase. I've been attending for years, but this year I could finally enjoy it. The seats fit! I was comfortable, not spilling into the neighboring seats!

Then I watched my niece

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It has been 9 months since my VSG, and I've lost 130 pounds pre- and post-op. I still need to lose 110 pounds. I don't want to do a sleep study until I've lost at least forty more pounds. I learned I had sleep apnea in 2011, and have been very good abo

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Fighting emotional eating - My surgery was less than three months ago, and I'm falling into the bad habits that have sabotaged by previous attempts at weight loss. I really thought I had those demons under co...

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Slow losing, should I be worried? - I had surgery 6/3/14. gained 10.1 pounds the day of surgery, but I knew that could happen.  At my one week checkup I was almost back to my pre-surgery weight, and my surgeon seemed...

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Met with surgeon Monday - I had my first meeting with the surgeon Monday. I've been researching for about three months, reading everything I could find. My PCP recommended the RNY, but the more I researched...
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