Jul 01, 2009

The subway commercial has been running through my head all day today but instead of 5 5 dollar foot long mine is 5 5 days till surgery. LOL  I would say last week I was a little worried here and there running through what ifs in my mind.  Also making sure all the paperwork is straight and in place just in case something were to not go so well.  Unfortunately  we have to consider these things as this is a major surgery.  But now that the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed I have mentally moved on to sheer excitement.  I may seem fairly calm on the outside but man on the inside I am bouncing around like a little kid this week . Every minute of every day and even in my dreams I am thinking of next Monday. 
I count down like every hour every meal this week is the last one for that day that I will have the same way ever again. 
Yet at the same time I am so busy with everyday life and preparations for before, during and after surgery.  I am stocked up on my multi-vitimans, calcium, and protein for after I come home.  And my girlfriend gave my agood idea for after she said go buy yourself  a good thick plush bathroom rug since you will be spend more time in the bathroom  with the ever avoidable dumping.

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