1 month down

Mar 13, 2018

Yesterday was my official 1 month post-op and I am down about 17.5 lbs since day of surgery. 
I was kind of hoping for a higher number, as i've seen people say they lost like 30lbs the first 2 weeks...but I can't really complain. I did gain over 10lbs post op from fluids and that took almost 2 weeks to go away. losing 17 lbs is still really good and I did lose quite a bit on the pre-op diet...so since the beginning of January I am down over 40 lbs and that is awesome.
It's hard for me to see much difference as I have been yo-yo'ing for the last couple of years, between like 260-315, losing 30 or even 60 lbs at a time and then gaining it all back plus some...so I have a variety of clothes in my closet that I have had for years that are oversized or stretchy and will probably still fit me until I lose at least 70lbs. some of them will probably still fit after I lose 100...but I did go through one of the bins in the basement that had a few sweaters and a couple pairs of jeans I stashed in there last year, knowing I would eventually be able to wear them again. I am still too afraid to try them on because I don't want to be disappointed. 

I've also got a bin down there I didnt bother to open yet because it has clothes in it from when I was in my 20's and was at my lowest weight (still obese but small for me) and I was a size 16/18 then. I kept a select few of my favorites in hopes that they would fit me again one day. thankfully my clothes hoarding was probably a good thing because I won't need to buy too many clothes until I get closer to goal...the downside is I wont need to buy many clothes til i get closer to goal! LOL.
I am hoping I might be able to wear those by the end of summer as long as i stick to my plan and start exercizing once I get clearance from the surgeon!

I have a few pairs of pants in my closet now that were really tight on me but are feeling more comfortable, so there is definitely a difference...I just know that I won't really feel like I've made much headway until I get under the 250lb mark which is where I usually seem to get stuck.

I have my 1 month PO appointment tomorrow with my surgeon so we'll see what he says and if my progress is up to par!


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